What Is a Class Keyword In Java

In Java, a class is created with the class keyword. Variables, methods, etc. are all contained in classes. Without a class, Java code cannot be executed.


  • The class name that includes the main function must match the file where the Java code is located.
  • Class names are distinct and cannot be used again inside the same package.
  • Multiple classes may exist in a single Java file, but the file name must correspond to the class’s main method.

Example of class keyword

Here, a class is being created using the term class. There is a method and a variable in this class. By creating an object of this class as shown below, you can have access to these:

//class name is "JavaExample"
public class JavaExample {
  int i = 101;
  public void hello(){

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    //creating an object of JavaExample
    JavaExample obj = new JavaExample();
    //accessing class variable
    //accessing method of the class



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