Structures Array In C – The Most Detailed

This guide will teach you how to use array structures in C. An array of structures is a collection of structures as elements.
An int array contains elements of the int type. An array of structures, on the other hand, stores structures of the same type as elements.
As an example:
In this case, stu[5] is an array of structures. This array contains 5 elements, all of which are structures of the same type “student.” The element s[0] will store values such as a student’s name, rollNum, address, and marks, while element s[1] will store these details for another student, and so on.

struct student {
  char name[60];
  int rollNum;
  char address[60];
  float marks;
} stu[5];

Example: A structure array in C

We have an array of structures in this example. The array is represented by the symbol s. The s[5] indicates that the array has a capacity of 5 elements. These are the components of student structure. This means that s[0] stores the first student’s information, s[1] stores the second student’s information, and so on.

#include <stdio.h>
struct student {
  char name[60];
  int rollNum;
  char address[60];
  float marks;
} s[5];

int main() {
  int i;
  printf("Enter student information:\n");
  // getting information
  for (i = 0; i < 5; ++i) {
    s[i].rollNum = i + 1;
    printf("\nFor roll number%d: \n", s[i].rollNum);
    printf("Enter Name: ");
    scanf("%s", s[i].name);
    printf("Enter Address: ");
    scanf("%s", s[i].address);
    printf("Enter marks: ");
    scanf("%f", &s[i].marks);
  printf("\nPrint student Information:\n");
  // printing information
  for (i = 0; i < 5; ++i) {
    printf("\nRoll number: %d\n", i + 1);
    printf("First name: ");
    printf("Address: ");
    printf("Marks: %.1f", s[i].marks);
  return 0;


Enter student information:

For roll number1: 
Enter Name: Tommy
Enter Address: Delhi
Enter marks: 99

For roll number2: 
Enter Name: Steve
Enter Address: Noida
Enter marks: 86.5

For roll number3: 
Enter Name: Hari
Enter Address: Agra
Enter marks: 88.9

For roll number4: 
Enter Name: Ajeet
Enter Address: Delhi
Enter marks: 99.5

For roll number5: 
Enter Name: Smith
Enter Address: Chennai
Enter marks: 91.5

Print student Information:

Roll number: 1
First name: Tommy
Address: Delhi
Marks: 99.0

Roll number: 2
First name: Steve
Address: Noida
Marks: 86.5

Roll number: 3
First name: Hari
Address: Agra
Marks: 88.9

Roll number: 4
First name: Ajeet
Address: Delhi
Marks: 99.5

Roll number: 5
First name: Smith
Address: Chennai
Marks: 91.5


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