Reserved Words – C Keywords

In C, there are 32 keywords that have predefined meanings and cannot be used as variable names. These are also referred to as “reserved words.” It’s best to avoid using these keywords as variable names. These are as follows:

The following keywords are used for decision control programming structures: if, else, switch, case, and default.
break – Can be used in any loop OR switch case.
These are the data types that are used during variable declaration: int, float, char, double, and long.
Loop structures in C include for, while, and do.
One of the return types is void.
goto – Used to redirect the execution flow.
The variables auto, signed, const, extern, register, and unsigned are all defined.
return – The return keyword is used to return a value.
continue – It is commonly used with for, while, and dowhile loops; when the compiler encounters this statement, it performs the next iteration of the loop, skipping the rest of the current iteration’s statements.
enum – A collection of constants.
sizeof – It is used to determine the size.
struct and typedef are both keywords used in structures (Grouping of data types in a single record).
A union is a group of variables that share the same memory location and memory storage.

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