Recursion Is Used In A C Program To Reverse A String

We’ve defined a function called reverse string, which calls itself recursively.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
void reverse_string(char*, int, int);

int main()
    //This array would hold the string upto 150 char
    char string_array[150];
    printf("Enter any string:");
    scanf("%s", &string_array);
    //Calling our user defined function
    reverse_string(string_array, 0, strlen(string_array)-1);
    printf("\nReversed String is: %s",string_array);
    return 0;
void reverse_string(char *x, int start, int end)
    char ch;
    if (start >= end)
    ch = *(x+start);
    *(x+start) = *(x+end);
    *(x+end) = ch;
    //Function calling itself: Recursion
    reverse_string(x, ++start, --end);


Enter any string: chaitanya
Reversed String is: aynatiahc

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