PyCharm IDE’s Initial Python Project – Q&A

The previous post demonstrated how to install PyCharm (a popular IDE for Python). We will demonstrate how to construct your First Python project with PyCharm in this post.

In PyCharm, create a Python project.

1. In the PyCharm welcome page, select “Create New Project.”

Create New Project PyCharm Welcome Screen

2. Give the project a catchy name.

Python Project Name PyCharm

You have written and run your first Python program

  1. It’s time to build a Python program file so that we may write and execute our first Python program now that we have built a Python project. Right-click on the folder name and select “New > Python File” to create a file (as shown in the screenshot). Name the file “HelloWorld” and then click “ok.”
    the project’s first Python fileFirst Python File in Project

2. Insert the code listed below into the file.

# This Python program prints Hello World on screen
print('Hello World')

Hello World Python Program PyCharm

3. Now execute the code. Click “Run HelloWorld” from the context menu by selecting the file (or the name you gave it when creating the Python file) in the left sidebar.

Run the first python program

4. The program’s output is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Output of the First program in PyCharm

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